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Below are some of the feedback received from our customers

R. B.

Wheaton, IL


I own a vintage Hammond Synchronous electric clock that had belonged to my late father. Dad had that clock on the nightstand next to his side of the bed for as far back as I can recall while I was growing up. When he passed away in 1969 my mother gave me that clock and it has been a cherished keepsake ever since. Within the past year it ran intermittently sometimes running for days and weeks at a time but mostly it would run for a few minutes and then stop. I took the clock to local clock smith who pronounced it a total loss, "unfixable" was the word he used. Hearing that just about broke my heart and I assumed that my clock would be relegated to a storage box in the basement. Then I decided to give it one more try and did a Google search for clock smiths. The local shop came up in the search as did VintageClocks4U.com. After reviewing the Vintage Clocks website I contacted David by e-mail, related my story and asked if he thought the clock could be made to work again. Without hesitation he assured me that it could and stated the price of $50 along with a few options like cleaning and lubricating the movement, replacing the worn electrical cord, etc. Best of all he told me the work could be completed in 10-days time. I shipped my clock to him a couple of days later and three days after he received it he notified me that the clock had been repaired and restored per my instructions and was keeping perfect time. He included photos and I could see that he had done a marvelous job. He let it run for another week and then shipped it back to me. To say that I'm a satisfied customer is an understatement. David did a fantastic job at a very reasonable cost. Choosing someone to do business with over the internet can sometimes be a roll of the dice but I can assure you that David will treat your clocks as his own. He kept me informed of his progress via e-mail and he packed my clock really, really well. You will not be sorry you chose David to restore or repair your clock. R.B.
Robert, NYC I received my Hammond clock on Friday and finally had a chance to hang it up. It works beautifully. Whatever horological alchemy you performed, it was perfect. The spin-to-start motor cranked up on the first try (in the past, it took many tries.) I'm so pleased I found your service, and thanks for the quick and professional work. -Robert

Rob, Grand Rapids, Mi.

Have a vintage clock that you want restored? David is definitely your man. Prompt, excellent service at a reasonable price. I sent my 1930's Hammond Clermont to him to have it restored. It was beautifully done. He keeps you posted as to when it arrives, how the process is going and when it has been shipped back to you. Since then I have also purchased another restored Telechron model 711 from him. It is a beautiful example. His descriptions of his clocks are precisely accurate. He offers dependable, trustworthy service at a reasonable price. This is something that is getting harder to find in today's world. If I had to describe him and his service I would call him the "Honda" of clock restorers.

G. C.

Boise, ID

I was very pleased with the service I received from David at VintageClocks4U.  I have a GE clock from the 1940's that belonged to my Grandmother and has a lot of personal value to me and my family.  The clock stopped working several years ago and I brought it into a local clock repair shop they replaced the original rotor and cleaned the clock. I got it home and after a couple of days the clock stopped working. I brought the clock back to the shop and they said it was a bad rotor and there was not guarantee on these special parts.  Obviously I was not happy with this and after much protest it took the clock home intending to go somewhere else to fix it.  However couldn't find anyone else in my area who working the these clocks so the clock sat on my mantle for about 4yrs in a permanent state of "10:05".  I eventually got around to looking on the web for a clock repair shop and found David.  He was excellent in answering my questions and providing and estimate of the work.  So I sent it in to him.  He had originally thought he would have to change the rotor and had quoted me a price for that repair however when he inspected the clock he found there was a small burr on a gear that caused the recently replaced rotor to bind.  David filed this away and reinstall the existing rotor and the clock works perfectly.  David charged me a very small fee for the repair and I had the clock back in a matter of days.  It's been on my mantle and working fine ever since. 
David could have charged me for a new rotor and overhaul and I would never have known the difference but he didn't.  I found him to be very knowledgeable, honest and  his service was very prompt and thorough.  I would highly recommend Vintageclocks4U!
Thanks David.
G. C.

Phil W.

Ballston Spa, NY



I am writing to thank you for restoring my "Warren Telechron esquire model 3F03".  The clock was sent to you in less then perfect condition and your work has restored the entire piece to like new. I appreciate your sending me photos of the work as it progressed and also your consistent communication regarding the project.  I thoroughly recommend you as a professional and craftsman who is dedicated to quality workmanship.  If and when I purchase another clock I will be sending it to you for an overhaul. Phil

Barbara L.

Jersey City, NJ


I couldn't be more delighted with the repairs to my Westclox "Moonbeam" alarm clock which dates from the 1940s/50s.  It was running, but rapidly losing time.  Even though I had pre-paid to have the motor replaced, David took the time to clean and lubricate the original motor before replacing it.  When the old motor sprung to life, he mailed my repaired clock back to me along with a refund for the difference between replacing rather than repairing the original motor.   I also appreciated the fact that  he was very communicative throughout the process.  I highly recommend VintageClocks4u.


Thanks so much --- Barbara

John L.

Northridge, CA


Thank you David for a first class repair job, the Telechron is running beautifully, looks beautiful, and I particularly want to thank you for the quick turnaround and your prompt, responsive and clear communication.  Please feel free to pass on to your prospective customers my highest recommendation, I am sure they will be satisfied.  I will be sending you another for repair shortly.  Thank you very, very much.


Best regards,



David S.

Los Angeles, CA


Dear David,

I am very pleased with your work on my Telechron Alarm Clock Model 711.  This clock was given to me as a present from a dear friend but unfortunately it ran loud and slow.  You were able to breath new life into this wonderful time piece and I thank you for that.  I'm happy you are computer savvy enough to have been able open the audio file I sent of the noise this old clock was making.  It's nice to meet someone with one foot in the present and the other in the past!  Thanks again for your craftsmanship and fair price.

David S.

Jeff F.

New York, NY




Your service is just terrific.  As a collector and tinkerer of illuminated advertising clocks I was at a loss when I discovered my non-illuminated Postal Telegraph clock was no longer working.  You calmed my fears and rose to the task.  The repair work you performed was flawless and your communication, quality of work and turn around time was beyond my expectations.


Thank You Again!




Alex R.

Laramie, WY


Dear David,


Thank you very much for the excellent work you did repairing our 1946 Telechron Minitmaster clock.  The clock and timer work perfectly now and thanks to your cleaning and re-doing the numbers on the dial, it looks beautiful as well.  The restoration I did on our vintage gas range just wasn't complete without a working clock, and I was very worried I wouldn't be able to find anyone capable of doing the repair.  I really appreciate your excellent service, communication and very reasonable prices.  I won't hesitate to recommend you in the future.





Brian C.

Mill Valley, CA


to Hammond clock lovers:

I have recently enjoyed a highly satisfactory experience in working with David.  My favorite Gregory clock had given up the ghost.  David diagnosed the problem, corrected it and got the clock safely back to me in good working order in less than two weeks and at a fair price.  I unhesitatingly recommend him to Hammond clock owners.


Robert K.

New York, NY



 I was on deadline and my hands were full.  But I did want to get back to you about the clock--which arrived in very good shape. I'm extremely pleased with what you did for it. It's running perfectly now, is noise-free, and the cleaning job you did was beautiful.  The gunk on the inside of the dial had been bothering me for years, but I didn't dare open the clock up on my own.  I'm very grateful that you did. Obviously, you know what you're doing.  Thanks again for a fine job.

Dan W.

Snow Hill, MD


Awesome job! 
I have a Model 711 that was dropped.  It still functions and keeps perfect time but the alarm indicator is loose and swings freely.  Plus, the bulb no longer lights.  It could definitely use a new cord and the top of the crystal if slightly fractured.  I also have a Navigator that is pristine but could probably use a tune up.  It has a slight buzz while running but keeps perfect time.

The 711 will be the priority.  I'll send some photos and get your feedback.

Again, great job!

Ken K.

New York, NY


Hi David,


I received the clock and am thrilled to have it working again!  The polished hands and bezel look wonderful.  Thank you so much for your good work!




Jared H.

Herndon, VA


Thank you - it looks wonderful!

Howard H.

Stuart, FL



Dear David,


I was out of town and just got the clocks today.  They look great, so thanks for taking care of them.  I NEVER THOUGHT THEY COULD LOOK SO GOOD.



John R.

New Zealand





The clock arrived yesterday and is going perfectly.  I'm thrilled with the work you did on it.  It has been around since my childhood and I'm giving it to my 33 y o. daughter for Christmas . She loves retro objects.

Many thanks , John

Patrick M.

Yucaipa, CA


Hi David,


Thank-you for your work. The pictures are great with good explanation. You have a talent for making things work. I can't believe you can out all the parts together again.

When I receive the clock, I might send another one that I have. It was working great until maybe 2 weeks ago. Same problem, all of a sudden it will stop, then I will restart and it may run for a few days, and then stop.  I may also want to get the back painted to make it look in the original condition.


Thank-you again,



Susie B.

Houston, TX


The clock looks beautiful, of course.  And you work so fast!




Tom N.

Murphysboro, IL




Just a quick note to let you know the clock arrived this morning.  It's up and running and looks great.

Thanks again,




Colleen T.

Binghamton, NY


Good Evening,

Just to let you know that my sister received her clock today.  She is very pleased with it and will certainly refer you to others who may be in need of your services.


Bob L.

Salem, OR


Arrived today in great shape.  Jim has sent a money order your direction.  Thanks for the good work...




David G..

San Diego, CA


Beautiful. Mrs. is very happy.

Regards, David G


Graham C.

Chicago, IL



The clocks look fantastic – thank you very much!  The work you’ve done really is amazing, and I’m very happy.  I’ll be sure to check back with your website often, and of course I’ll send more work your way in the future.  

Thanks very much again!

Greg W.

Henderson, Nevada



Wow, it looks beautiful.  I will need to send you the money on Wednesday or Thursday.  Run the clock as long as you think it is necessary.


Thanks for your help and the photos.




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